Off-roading sure is an enticing and delightful sport! Some do it for the sake of fun, while for others – not so much. If you wish to go splashing through those muddy roads, or up and down the uneven terrain around the off-skirt of your city, your vehicle must have tires specifically designed for scaling such terrain. After all, you don’t want your muscles and bones jostling at the end of your adventurous journey now, do you? Well, that’s where the role of a mud tire comes in!

What are Mud Tires?

Mud tires are designed to help vehicles, especially four-wheel drives to scale the muddy roads and terrains without the fear of skidding. This is because of the reinforcement present in the sidewalls that are also larger which basically prevents the tires from sinking in the mud holes.

What to Look For While Choosing Mud Tires?

When it comes to choosing the right mud tires for your four-wheel drive, there are certain criteria that you must absolutely consider:

  • Aggressive tread pattern – With an aggressive tread pattern, you get a grip that’s very efficient while driving on slippery roads. The greater the depth of the tread, the better chances of your vehicle not getting stuck in the mushy sands.
  • Sidewalls – Mud tires must have a thick sidewall, ideally more than 3-ply.
  • Shoulder tread – Helps in giving the much-needed protection in off-roading conditions, with a wider and better grip ad control.
  • Overall construction – Mud tires must have a bias-ply construction because it allows more flexibility in muddy conditions.

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