Car cleaning is a daunting task, especially when the wheels of your car are filled with grime, dust, and dirt. But a clean car is something you can take pride in, nothing looks more beautiful than a sparkling neat vehicle, especially the rims. 

Others find something to make the cleaning quick, but for those who are more into detailing, here are 3 simple tips for cleaning the inside of your wheel rim.

First, Use a Variety of Tools and Brushes

Yes, different kinds of brushes are a must. Just like there are different kinds of tools for house cleaning, there are also a variety of brushes you can use for cleaning your wheels.

There are soft detailing brushes that you can use for crevices that are hard to reach than your normal tire brush. It can also be used around lug nuts. Since the wheel has several parts, spots, and spaces, using a different brush for each spot will make your task easier. 

Second, Consider Using a Wheel Cleaning Chock or Stand

A wheel cleaning stand is a useful tool that can help you when you are cleaning your car tires. It is used for a more detailed washing of wheel rims and tires. This cleaning chock is used by removing the wheel from the vehicle and positioning it on the stand for easier access on hard to reach crevices. Using it will also reduce stress on your body.

If looking for a quick fix, then a pressure washer or hose will do the trick for you.

Third, Invest in High-Quality Iron and Fallout Removers 

Aside from using normal wheel cleaners which are mostly a choice of acid-based or pH neutral, it is best to invest in a high-quality iron remover. 

Brake dust and iron can scratch your wheels. Using this remover can help loosen stuck iron deposits from the rim making it easier for you to clean and eliminate all dirt.

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