Houston, Texas Wheel Repair

When it comes to wheel repairs in Houston, Texas, the team at Wayside Customz has got your back!

If you have a wheel or rim that is damaged, don’t throw it away just yet! We might be able to fix it for you and have it looking new in no time at all. Our experienced team at Wayside Customz specializes in fixing bent rims, corrosion, curb scrapes, dents, scratches, and much more.
The best way to see if your rims or tires can be repaired is to drop them into our shop, and we’ll have one of our experienced technicians take a look at them. You’d be surprised at just how much damage can be repaired on your wheels. However, wheel repairs require specialized equipment and knowledge. Don’t ever attempt to repair or straighten your own wheels.

Some of the things that we can fix or repair include:

Rust, dirt, and corrosion on the wheel bead seat

Rust or corrosion on the wheel bolt holes

Rust or corrosion anywhere visible on the surface of the wheel

Bent or damaged rims

Scratches, dents, or nicks anywhere on the wheel

Curb rash, scrapes, scratches, and much more!

If your wheel is too severely damaged to be repaired safely, then one of our team members will let you know. Most of the time, with the right equipment damaged and scratched, wheels can be saved. If you think that your expensive rims or wheels can be saved, then don’t hesitate to drop in, and one of our experienced team members will give it a look over.

Premium Tires and Rims in Houston, TX!

When it comes to wheel repairs, custom rims, and high-quality tires, then no one does it better than our experienced team at Wayside Customz! When you want the best wheels, tires, and rims in Houston, TX, then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team today!