Are you looking to buy new off-road tires? Today, there is a wide selection available today from baddest to biggest tires and best-looking to multi-purposes tires. However, there are some things that need to be put into consideration before making a final decision. Here is a comprehensive mud tire buying guide.

Tire Aspects


A mud tire is either Bias Ply off Road or Radial. A radial truck tire has more PROS as compared to bias-ply off-road tire. Actually, most manufacturers have stopped producing bias-ply off-road tires, with just a few exceptions. However, Bias tires come with some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to off-road conditions.

1. Bias Ply off Road Tires

Bias-ply off-road tires provide unparalleled performance in server off-road situations like deep mud, jagged rocks, and rough trails. Their tread is designed to self-clean while releasing mud or foreign objects with much ease to help in maintaining traction. The rubber compounds are softer to provide a better grip. In addition, tire sidewalls were designed to withstand stress and strain.

However, these tires have some disadvantages. The wear and ride features of the bias on the pavement are not that good. These tires provide an uncomfortable and noisy ride on high-speed streets and can’t last for more than 30000 miles. While these tires will provide excellent off road performance on low air pressure, the center tread still takes a beating.

2. Radial Truck Tires

The radial truck tires are effective on harsh terrains. They perform exceptionally great in off-road situations. These tires are built with adaptability in mind to offer better road handling features, even you drive at very high speed.

Their traction, smooth ride, and handling on paved roads are superb.

Tire Size

Choosing the right tire size can be a bit confusing since the size is dependent on several factors. The first question is whether your truck can handle the tire size you want. You should also check for possibilities of modifying your truck to suit the tires you want to buy. Unfortunately, customization and modifications of your truck may not be possible.

Generally, you should choose a tire that will perfectly fit your truck without any need for modifications.

General Guidance in Choosing the Best Mud Tires

Before settling on a particular tire, you should ask yourself the following questions.

1. What type of work will you be doing with your truck?

2. How much off-road and on-road will I drive?

3. What qualities do I need in a tire?

4. What’s my budget?

After providing answers to all these questions, you will settle for one or two tires where you have to make an ultimate choice.

Mud Tire Classification

1. All-Season Tires

All season mud tires are not designed to go off-road since their tread composition and design are not designed to tackle Off-Road beatings. However, they provide long-lasting tread that performs excellently on dry and wet paved roads.

2. All-Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires are defined by versatility. These tires can be used on a wide variety of terrains, but they aren’t a master to any! This reason explains the broad range of all-terrain tires based on either on/off-road performance.