If you’re considering giving your truck a lift, then you have a lot of alternatives. We have different lift kits and leveling kits available, depending on the appearance and usage. Here’s what you need to know.

Lifting Kits

Lift kits are what you’re looking for if you want to increase the raw height of your truck. Lift kits come in two varieties: body lifts and suspension lifts. These varieties will get you the physical results you want, but they can vary in terms of durability and utility.

  • Body lifts lift the frame of the vehicle higher above the suspension, allowing for larger wheels under the truck. The truck’s clearance.
  • will not be altered, so while the truck has greater height, it’s still above the ground level. Body lifts are cheaper than suspension lifts, and they don’t change the handling of your vehicle as expected.
  • Suspension lifts replace almost every component of the truck’s suspension to increase the height, as well as increasing the clearance. Suspension lifts are not affordable compared to body lifts, but they provide great results. The vehicle will have more ground clearance and maneuverability and will be able to sustain even larger tires.

Which type of lift you want depends on your goals and your vehicle. It might not be advisable to get a suspension lift on an older truck, but if you’re doing a lot of off-roading or want very large wheels, a body lift may not cut it.

Leveling Kits

Leveling kits aren’t designed to lift your whole vehicle but rather designed to level them. Most trucks are designed so that the back of them rises higher than the front. This is designed for utility purposes; many people will load the back of the truck with a heavy load, which means the back needs more resistance.

Leveling kits level the truck, thereby creating more room for larger tires. The leveling kit raises the front rather than lowering the back, so the truck is still able to carry heavy loads. Further, the truck will “look” taller because of the larger tires and because the truck front is higher. A leveling kit is more affordable and easier to install than any other type of lift kit, but it can only increase height so much.

If you want a small amount of lift, a leveling kit could be your answer. Otherwise, it may be time to compare different brands of lifting kits. For more information, contact the professionals at Way Side.