In case you need to increase the raw height of your truck, lift kits are what you need. However, with so many different options and types present in the market, it may be a difficult task. Therefore, we have compiled everything that you need to know in this article.

Lift kits are available in two varieties: body lifts and suspension lifts. Both of these are highly efficient, however, they could range in phrases of sturdiness and utility.

  • Body Lifts – Body lifts elevate the body of the automobile better above the suspension, providing you with room for large wheels below the truck. The clearance of the truck isn’t always going to alternate, so even as the truck has extra height, it nevertheless sits simply at some distance above the ground. Body lifts are low cost as compared to suspension lifts, and that they do not alternate the coping with your automobile much — though your automobile can also additionally experience a bit greater top-heavy as a consequence.
  • Suspension Lifts – Suspension lifts update almost every factor of the truck’s suspension to increase the height, in addition to growing the clearance. Suspension lifts are costlier than frame lifts, however, they tend to provide better results.
  • Leveling Kits – Leveling kits are not designed to boost your complete automobile however as an alternative, it is designed to level them. So, the leveling kits basically level the truck, thereby developing extra room for large tires. The leveling package increases the front in preference to decreasing the return, so the truck continues to be capable of conveying heavy loads.

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