One joy of having your own car is the freedom to upgrade and customize it. Changing your car tire isn’t hard to do on your own, but buying aftermarket wheels is.

Wayside Customz is here to help you figure out which aftermarket wheels would work for you.

Staggered or Square?

To choose between a staggered and square fitment, you must know first what’s the difference between them.

A staggered fitment is also commonly called a staggered application. Staggered fitment means that the wheels on the back of the vehicle are a different size than those on the front, usually wider wheels. This fitment is more suitable for rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

A square fitment, on the other hand, has a uniform wheel set-up. All four wheels of the car are the same in diameter, width, and offset. All four tires are also the same size. Using a square fitment will provide neutral and balanced handling characteristics.

On-road or Off-Road?

Where you drive the vehicle on the daily basis is one factor to consider. Just like there is a summer tire and a winter tire, an aftermarket tire dedicated for on-road and off-road use exist. 

If you are a city driver with good roads and smooth highways, the best choice is to go for performance wheels. But if you tackle uneven terrain daily, off-road tires fit your car the best.

Chrome, White, or Black?

Choosing a car finish all depends on aesthetics and the style you wish to go for. When choosing the finish, you have to keep in mind the color of the bumpers, the rearview mirror. Does it go well with the overall style of the car? Do you want a contrasting look or an accented one?

Patterns, Offsets, and BackspacingYou might have gotten quite an info overload after reading all through the info above. Worry not, because if you think that searching for the perfect aftermarket wheels is not for you, you can just hire a professional company to do all those for you. Message Wayside Customz, today!